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Green & Grey Batwa

Green & Grey Batwa

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Introducing our elegant green and grey two-tone batwa bag. With a striking black cotton border and a black cord featuring a single bead tie, this bag blends sophistication with practicality. Crafted from designer fabric remnants, it embodies our commitment to zero waste and upcycling. Carry your essentials in style while making a sustainable statement. Experience the beauty of repurposed fashion with this unique and eco-conscious batwa bag.

The key to our products is quality. Each item is lovingly created by our artisan tailors and made to last, so you can treasure it for many years to come whilst knowing you helped save this beautiful designer fabric from going to waste.

Materials: Linen, black cord and wooden beads

Dimensions: L25cm W23cm

Please note that due to the irregular sizes of the source-fabric and our commitment to zero-waste designs, the size of the product may vary slightly.

Care notes: Carefully spot-clean any marks with soap and cold water. Do not leave your product to soak, as this can lead to damage. Do not iron or tumble dry.

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