Universities and Community Colleges

We work with Universities and Community Colleges to enable their students of Fashion, Textiles and Interior Design to have a real connection to sustainability and the local artisans in their community. ReFAB is delighted to share our learnings about the circular economy, particularly, the art of upcycling and building a social enterprise. We want to engage and inspire bright young minds to create innovative solutions to the challenge of fabric waste. We have addressed students at The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London and are continually building relationships with institutions across the UK.

Community Tailors

We deliver training workshops for groups of community tailors, particularly for women from disadvantaged communities. Recently, we completed a series of three days workshops for the Network of International Women for Brighton and Hove (NIWBH) https://niwbh.org/ through funding from The Arts Society. https://theartssociety.org/

We shared the opportunities and challenges of upcycling and gave the ladies fun hands-on training on a variety of different sewing techniques and the design of zero waste products. The amazing group of ladies we worked with gave us excellent feedback and we are continuing to support them in the journey ahead.  

A  standout quote from the workshop was from one of the women said she “loved this workshop as it made her feel like being a child again as you can be playful and fun.”

If you are interested in us giving a workshop to your students or if you are part of a sewing collective and want to know more about how we can help teach upcycling sewing techniques, Please fill the form below:


Alternatively, you can reach us at: hello@refabstudio.org. We would love to hear from you!